Steps to a Smooth Recovery

Fusionless surgery adjusts spinal growth and can enable full scoliosis correction—something bracing cannot do—while preserving your child’s spinal growth and function. Your child will have a shorter surgery time and faster recovery than with traditional fusion surgery. However, there are still important things to keep in mind to help your child recover from fusionless surgery.

The scoliosis will not immediately disappear after the surgery, but your child will probably be up and about within 24 hours and released from the hospital in 3-4 days. Your child will wear a custom spine brace for the next few months to allow the surgery to take full effect, and he or she will be fitted for the brace while in the hospital.
After being fully checked out, your child will be discharged from the hospital with the new brace and pain medications. The small surgical incisions should heal in about 1-2 weeks and the pain medications are typically taken for 2-4 weeks. Your surgeon will continue to monitor your child’s recovery during this time and advise when physical activity can be resumed.

When three months have passed, your child’s spine will be X-rayed and if everything looks good, the brace will be removed. Additional check-ups, usually on an annual basis, will help the surgeon continue to monitor your child’s spine and the scoliosis. Only in rare cases will the spinal implants need to be removed; regardless, your child won’t notice them and will enjoy normal growth and mobility.