Our son Robert was diagnosed with scoliosis  at 17 months old. We were very nervous since he was so young and had appointments with other doctors prior to meeting Dr. Feldman.  We met Dr. Feldman when Robert was three years old and we knew right away that this was who we were going to trust our little boy with.

Over the past 10 years Robert had ups and downs with his scoliosis but Dr. Feldman never gave up and he wouldn’t just let us watch and wait, he knew it was important to us as parents to try and stop Robert’s scoliosis from progressing. So over the years Robert has been braced, sees a chiropractor, and does Schroth exercises. Dr. Feldman would always tell us to do what we felt was right, even though we all knew eventually Robert was going to need spinal fusion surgery.

During this time Dr. Feldman moved from NYC to Florida and then the questions came from family and friends as to why we would stay with a doctor that is in another state. Our answer always was, if and when Robert needs surgery, Dr. Feldman is the doctor that we trust and would want to perform the surgery.

The number one reason that we stayed with Dr. Feldman was how Robert felt with him. He was always at ease with him. Remember, Robert was only three when they met and Robert never said he didn’t want to see Dr. Feldman, he actually enjoyed going to his visits and speaking with him. Dr. Feldman is a great doctor but more importantly he is a great person.