Harry Shufflebarger, MD

Spine Surgeon, Paley Institute, 2020-present past President, Scoliosis Research Society, 2000

Chief of Orthopedic & Spinal Surgery,
Miami(Nicklaus) Children’s Hospital 1981-2019
Recipent Lifetime Achievement Award,
Sciliosis Research Society 2016

Dr. Harry Shufflebarger remains the pre-eminent pediatric spinal deformity surgeon in Florida. His expertise is based on over 30 years of practice in pediatric spinal deformity. He has been a teacher or mentor to many of those involved in pediatric deformity across the United States.

Dr. Shufflebarger is the only practicing past-president of the Scoliosis Research Society in Florida. Likewise, he is the only recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Scoliosis Research Society living in Florida.

Dr. Shufflebarger developed, beginning in 1997, one of the largest and most productive pediatric spinal deformity services in Florida and the United States. Dr. Shufflebarger became known throughout the world for clinical practice and teaching methods. He now joins the prestigious Paley Orthopedic and Spinal Institute in West Palm Beach.

Harry Shufflebarger, MD is a top tier clinician and surgeon, a respected researcher, an innovator, and a forward thinker.